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Bobby’s In Deep

I need to see this show so much. Guh.


Jeremy Mann


evangelion world @ fuji q


Cécile B. Evans, AGNES drive 2, (WD MyBook) 2014, Custom acrylic case, hard drive, compressed file, stencilled enamel, On-going series, unique, 25 x 25 x 10 cm


Lamborghini Diablo


Art of Vitaly Bulgarov | prosthetics / prosthesis | Pinterest

cute blade runner parody, but all i can think is “you know literally everyone reading that sign in its original incarnation was offline at the time, right”

On the subject of Konya wa Hurricane though I only just noticed what an appropriate character song it is for Priss. Like, the opening scene is so over-the-top 80’s that I think most people (including me) put it in the category of “generic cool that doesn’t have any actual character development”: yeah, we’re having a HEART TO HEART in the BIG CITY, everyone has big hair, let’s rawk! The lyrics don’t have anything to do with the show but who cares!

Except that if you know anything about Priss’ backstory (as revealed in the Asu e Touchdown video and various artbooks), the song is actually a pretty accurate summation of that.

From Konya wa Hurricane: “I kept running down the stormy highway, searching for my interrupted dream, letting all the bitter illusions and lies just blow off my back.

From Bubblegum Crisis ‘89: “At age 17, during what was supposed to be the prime of her life, she was roaming the dark side of Mega Tokyo. Under the thunderous roar of her motorcycle engine, she continued to cry out for something more.”

From Konya wa Hurricane: “We’re all just lonely hearts in the big city, children lost in love. Day by day in the big city, tears aggravate thoughts that just won’t sleep.”

From Bubblegum Crisis ‘89: “Priss lost her parents in the second great Kanto earthquake of 2025. At an orphanage without anyone to rely on, Priss lead a gloomy childhood.”

In short, it’s fairly clear both from the song and Priss’ backstory that she’s a person who feels abandoned by the world, who feels the world has betrayed her, who longs for touch and closeness though can maybe only express that need through her music. She’s a child stuck in arrested development, whose dreams were put on hold when her childhood was cut short by the death of her parents. (We see this in the show too, in episode 3 when she kicks a can while bitterly commenting, “A dream, huh…?”)

It’s clear from what we later see of her personality that she wants goodness to prevail in the world, that she wants kindness and compassion to be more than just lies that blow off her back, but at the same time, because of her past, it’s something she struggles to believe. That’s probably why she decided to take Sylia up on her offer to join the Knight Sabers: she wanted to contribute to making the world a little bit more like the world she’d always believed in back when she was innocent, and still wants to think can exist. She wants honesty from people: she’s “tired of dancing around in the night”, as the song says, and wants people to show warmth towards one another. But because she lacked it growing up, she has a hard time actually acting on the fact. All she can do is sing about wanting it.

Not bad for some catchy 80’s pop and the first few minutes of an anime, huh?


There is a lot of 80s head bobbing going on and oh lord this is wonderful. I want her hair ;//v//; BIG TITTY :y


i never heard “big titty” but i always hear “rubbing you” in there or sometimes “revenue”

you’re welcome